Bob Zick

Candidate for
North Saint Paul City Council 
Contact information:

Phone:  651-707-2282


I am the twenty-year host of the “Inside Insight News Hour” (cable channel 15, live on Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m., and at  “Inside Insight” reports on
what government is doing to us.

I am also a retired master electrician from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union, Local #110.

My history in North Saint Paul goes back to 1946. Under my leadership as president and community organizer of Citizens Concerned for Quality Education, we organized the successful effort that kept the new high school in North Saint Paul.

I urge citizens this November 4th to vote for open and transparent government, and to vote for a city government whose purpose is to provide essential public safety services (fire protection, policing), water, sewer and electricity. A government that keeps our streets plowed and our parks green.

Skills and Experience

The most essential skills of a city council member is to be informed by being a good listener; to be able to discern the root cause of a problem, find a realistic solution, see the long-term outcome of decisions and guard against unintended consequences. I have always engaged people of all persuasions and encouraged them to express their opinions.

I am committed to holding the line on property tax increases and fees on seniors and people on fixed incomes. I don’t want anyone to be taxed out of their home.

I will not abdicate council decision-making to unelected staff.

North Saint Paul is becoming a “drive-by city” and is losing its heritage.  It’s been divided in half by the Highway 36 freeway.  We don’t want businesses moving to the other side of Division Street and into Washington County.  We need to be a city that is business-friendly.  We can’t let our economy go down the drain like it has in Saint Paul, where property taxes keep going through the roof.

All North Saint Paul city council “workshops” and commission meetings should be televised, which will help keep residents informed.
Why am I running for city council?

I’m asking for your vote so we can keep North Saint Paul a city where young and old want to stay, a city where people want to do business, a city where people enjoy being here every day all year round and not just in the summertime when the History Cruzers car show is happening on Friday nights.

I value your opinion. Together we can make a difference.
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